Why Xente Exists

At Xente we see the world as operating in two broad economies.

An analog economy where business transactions take place in physical locations using cash versus a digital economy where business transactions happen via digital channels and payments are cashless.

In Africa 98% of the economy is analog.

The analog economy is cumbersome for consumers, inefficient for business and governments have little transparency on these transactions.

There is no way Africa will be competitive in the global economy later on bridge the gap between itself and developed nations if its economy remains analog.

We have a unique opportunity to change that.

Today, the majority of African people have mobile phones that are connected to the internet. Many other African people are getting financially included through access to mobile wallets, mobile money, mobile banking etc. This provides us an opportunity to leapfrog Africa into the global digital economy.

Our vision at Xente is to connect every person and every business in Africa to the global digital economy.

We do this by providing a Mobile Financial Services and E-Commerce Market Place Platform.

We connect buyers and sellers to each other - and then connect them to licensed financial institutions for payments, credit, savings & insurance.

By doing this, we are building a highly trusted and liquid market that will catalyze the adoption of digital commerce in Africa.

Watch Video of our Founder explaining why we exist

Our mission at Xente is to delivery happiness to our customers.

At Xente we drive a culture that focuses on delighting our customers. We believe that by being empathetic to their wants and needs and delivering a high quality service, we are able to put a smile on our customers' faces.

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