A credit card for Africa

Its a prepaid card that works like a credit card

Order for card in app.

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  • Credit limit of up to UGX 5,000,000
  • Access from a low as UGX 500
  • Dynamic interest rate, depending on the lender
  • Request anytime, anywhere using the Xente app
  • Non compounding, revolving credit. You dont need to pay the full amount every month. Only pay back the interest

Works everywhere in the world

  • Withdrawals from Visa┬« ATMs
  • Shop online wherever Visa┬« is accepted
  • Pay at shops, restaurants, bars and other places with Visa Point of Sale (POS)
  • Its contactless. You can tap & go

Easy and Safe

  • Easy load. Request for credit and it is loaded onto the card in minutes
  • No sign here. Sign there. Everything is automated in the Xente app
  • Simple requirements. You just need to belong to a trustnetwork
  • Easy payback in-app using Mobile Money or Bank Card.

Frequenty asked questions

To get the Xente Credit Card you need to download the app and upgrade to Premium. After upgrading to Premium, just click 'Order Credit Card' in the side menu of the app

The Xente Credit Card is powered by Visa ©. You can use it wherever Visa © is accepted.
Technically, the card is a prepaid Card. However, using the Xente app you can request for credit and will deposit onto your card. It is revolving credit.
The interest rate varies from person to person and also depends on the owner of your trust network. It can be 0%, but no more than 15% per month.
This can be your employer, Sacco, Investment club - its basically an organization that whose members trusted for credit purposes.
Your credit limit will be set by the owner of the trust network. You can check your credit limit in the Xente app.
With Xente you get revolving credit. That means that as long as you make the minimum repayment each month, you can continue to get credit until you hit your credit limit.
Email happiness@xente.co - we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Ready to get started

Order for card in app.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

The Xente Credit Card is a prepaid card. It is issued by United Bank of Africa pursuant to license by Visa. Card may be used everywhere Visa is accepted. Daily limits set by the bank apply. All trademarks and brand names belong to their respective owners. Use of these trademarks and brand names do not represent endorsement by or association with this card program. All rights reserved.

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