At Xente, we view the world as operating in two (2) broad economies

  • An old economy where business is done at brick and mortar locations using cash.
  • The new economy is digital and transactions are cashless.

The old economy is inefficient and constrained by geography. The new economy is efficient and global.

Businesses in Africa are still stuck in the old economy characterized by a very large informal sector. By not participating in formal commerce and finance, Africans continue to fall further behind in the global balance of trade resulting in cyclic poverty.

That said, the high adoption of mobile telephony, mobile internet and mobile payments has enabled billions of people and businesses in Africa to move money efficiently through peer to peer payments. We see this as a trend and an opportunity to bring Africa and Africans into the global digital economy by enabling commerce and finance via digital channels.

At Xente, we wake up every day to build, ship and market tools that enable African consumers and businesses to transact on any digital channel without using cash.

Our Vision

To become Africa's largest digital finance and digital commerce company by delivering relevant products and services to consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

To deliver happiness to our customers, both consumers and businesses by enabling them to transact reliably and safely on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.