Uber for Business - Get your staff riding

  • Lyn Tukei
  • Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Uber for business

What is Uber for business?

Uber for business is a product from Uber, the global leading travel service provider. It enables business teams to take affordable, convenient, and safe rides.

Through a consolidated account, all your employees can take trips for meetings, fieldwork & even on-behalf of your customers.

With Uber for Business as your travel option, you can enable and disable employees’ access in real-time, and as well create customizable ride policies that set when & where your employees can ride.

Get started with Uber for business

1. Sign up for an account here

2. You will need a card in order to make bill payments. You can use a Xente virtual card

3. Do not forget our special deal book promotion. Get UGX 50,000 off your first bill when you sign up with Uber and use your Xente virtual card to pay your bill.

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Uber for business
Uber for Business - Get your staff riding

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