Xente partners with Hima Cement

  • Lyn Tukei
  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Xente and Hima

After a few years of Xente app offering digital products like Airtime, bill payments, movie, event & bus tickets, Xente has now moved on to a variety of physical products for customers to choose from at remarkably affordable rates.

“We are pleased to be announcing the launch of our shopping feature, the goal is simply to make customers happy with world-class attention on trust & safety.

The shopping feature is designed to provide online shoppers across Uganda with a smooth shopping experience with the proposition of having any product a customer is looking to buy,” said Allan Rwakatungu — CEO & Founder of Xente.

Xente has partnered with Hima Cement, a world leader in the building and construction industry in offering a wide range of building materials including Plascon paint, Roofings materials, and other DIY Products like d.light Solar solutions.

“The new partnership with Xente is mainly to serve our clients who would like to buy our products instantly or payback in installments.

Xente goes a long way to give our customers the payment choices they need at any time and this perfectly served our vision of being the preferred provider of cement and concrete based building solutions in East Africa with a strong focus on customer experience,” Jean Michel, the Country Chief Executive Officer, Hima Cement said.

Hima Cement contributes to the construction of cities and homes around the world, through its innovative solutions providing them with more housing and making them more compact, more durable, more beautiful, and better connected.

“Xente clients that have purchased products of the new shopping section will receive their products within 24 hours upon purchase. This partnership with Hima Cement is testament to our diverse product offerings that’s yet to come,” Allan Rwakatungu, CEO of Xente Tech explained.

Built on top of their advanced payment platform available for IOS & Android users, Xente will allow for the best ways to pay for these products including Mobile Money, bank cards (Visa & MasterCard), as well as getting a loan, allowing anyone to shop for their favorite items, anyhow from anywhere in the world.

“Xente is the safest app to use with its safety features like money-back guarantee where the customer receives a refund in case of wrong product delivery or if the product takes longer than usual to be delivered. The shopping feature on the Xente app is easy to navigate, ensuring anyone and everyone can easily locate their favorite products with the littlest stress,” said Lyn Tukei — Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Xente.

The launch of this e-commerce shop by Xente underlines the company’s desire to connect millions of African consumers & thousands of businesses to the global economy ensuring they shop & sell conveniently and safely.

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Xente and Hima
Xente partners with Hima Cement

"Xente has partnered with Hima Cement, a world leader in the building and construction industry in offering a wide range of building materials including Plascon paint, Roofings materials and other DIY Products."

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