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Sell online and get your funds settled directly onto your Mobile Money or local bank account.

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Our e-Commerce offering enables you to create your own web shop in 10 minutes including inbuilt payments options for your customers like Pay Later, Pay with Visa & Mastercard or Pay with Mobile Money. Your funds get settled onto your mobile money or local bank account.

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Our e-Payments solution allows you to seamlessly collect payments when you sell in your own app or website. Your customers can pay using the Xente app, Visa & Mastercard as well as Mobile Money. Either use our well designed Pay Button or REST API that is based on the GSMA spec.

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Flexible payments for you and your customers

  Global payments

Your customers pay with Visa & MasterCard as well as mobile money from anywhere in the world. You get paid into your local bank account or mobile money account.

  Boost sales with Xente Pay Later

Xente allows your customers to Pay Later while you get paid upfront.

  Grow your business with Xente Working Capital

Xente Working Capital gives eligible Xente business account holders access to the funds they need to stock up on inventory. Applying takes just minutes.

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