Managing spend and payments to our remote teams is key to powering our growth. We cannot afford inefficiency.


As a company optimized for growth, we do not want finance and admin coming in the way of our productivity. We have teams working remotely and they need money for transport, phone calls, internet and more - fast and without hustle. We also needed to report and account for this money fast and without hustle. For a company like ours, inefficiency is a big NO.


Xente's solutions not only made managing spend to our teams easy and efficient, but they also keep our teams productive. When our teams need to spend on work we quickly send them mobile money. When they need to make phone calls we send them airtime. When they need access to the internet we send them data bundles. All this happens in minutes.

We are happy to work with Xente and see what other solutions they are developing that not only ease the work of finance and admin teams but also make our teams more productive.

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