The Innovation Village

Supporting finance and accounts teams to manage payments and spend is a BIG idea, it has transformed the way we work.

The Innovation Village

Our job is innovation - we support big ideas, bring them to life and see them through scale. We also practice what we preach. Our finance teams need to manage spend and payments to teams across the country and old model paper and cash processes are time-consuming and not transparent. If we needed to focus on innovation, we need to be innovative ourselves.


Xente is one of the companies in our ecosystem and we have seen them grow from an idea to scale. Today we proud to see the impact their solution has had and the partnerships e.g. with Visa that they have closed enabling them to solve a unique problem for a unique market.

Our finance and admin team uses Xente to facilitate our teams with cashless rides with Uber and mobile money payouts. As a result our teams in Kampala, Mbarara and Gulu are happier - they can spend and account for business money in minutes not days.

This is what innovation looks like.

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