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Get control & visibility over every payment

Initiate and approval company payments anywhere, everywhere. Save time and money

smart Visa cards debit cards with controls

Issue virtual and physical Visa debit cards to your teams. Set controls and empower your company to pay online subscriptions, shop online, fuel, petty cash, shopping, meals, per diem, allowances, travel - everywhere Visa is accepted

Make secure payments to teams, vendors & beneficiaries

Pay to all mobile money, all banks, all airtime, all data from a single easy-to-use platform. Track and report every payment accurately and in real-time

One place to manage your company payments & expenses

Make and track payments across multiple countries, many currencies, several branches, several projects - from one centralized platform

Account & audit without headaches

Say goodbye to accountability and audit nightmares. You receive real-time reports on all payments. Attach documentation and match receipts for accurate accountability. Integrate with your accounting system to capture operating expenditure in real-time.

Frequently asked questions

Expense management is very important because if you're struggling to know what, when, where, and how your business money is being utilized, then you are losing money (and time) and are unable to make the right business decisions to reduce risk, drive growth, increase profits or have operational efficiency across the board.

Team payments, supplier payments, petty cash, online payments, reimbursements, disbursements, per diem, fuel, travel - literally any business expenditure that you need to keep track of.

Xente is the only solution with rich features to help you manage company expenses e.g You can initiate and approve payments from any phone or PC, attach receipts, set budgets, set controls to avoid overspending, view realtime reports, sync data with your accounting platform - and so much more.

We estimate that Xente will save you at least 2 days of work a week and 10% of your money - our solution is that good.

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