Partnership is the new disruption

Let us work together to create more value.

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Co-create innovative digital products, serve new markets and leapfrog your competition with us.

See how we partnered with Lafarge

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Financial Institutions

Get unique access to marketplace lending. In partnering with Xente, financial institutions can access consumer credit through loans and invoince financing.

See how we work with Raw Financial to provide for purpose loans to consumers and businesses

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Payment Processors

Xente is an open payments platform. Lets add your payment option to our platform. Our consumer and business customers get more choice and you get more volume.

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Merchant Aggregators

Do you have a large catalog of merchants that you sell for or collect payments for ? Are you looking to provide them additional channels, get them more customers and drive higher volumes ? Lets work together.

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We have an open API. Its the same API we use in-house so everything we can do, you can do.


We are firm believers in open innovation. If you have idea's on what we can do together to create more value and make the world a better place to live in,we would love to hear from you

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