Why we exist

In 2012, our founder tried to build a digital gaming business and spent over 12 months building out the digital payments platform for his business. This was inspite of his experience working with one of the leading telecoms companies, having been a pioneer in mobile money and possessing top programming skills. The digital gaming business was successful, eventually but more importantly this experience gave him an insight into the challenges faced by other businesses in Africa that may be looking to sell their products globally using digital channels and whose teams possess no technical skills and abilities and capital to build out the required digital commerce infrastructure including payments. While the rest of the world has companies like PayPal, Amazon, Adyen, Stripe, Shopify, Alibaba and PayTM that businesses can use to power online commerce, businesses in Africa have few such alternatives.

At Xente, our view is that in the world today, there exists two (2) broad economies, an old economy and a new economy. In the old economy business is done at brick and mortar locations using cash only. The old economy is inefficient and constrained by geography. The new economy is digital and transactions are cashless. The new economy is efficient and global.

Businesses in Africa are still stuck in the old economy characterized by a very large informal sector. By not participating in formal commerce and finance, Africa continues to fall further behind in the global balance of trade resulting in cyclic poverty.

The high adoption of mobile telephony, mobile internet and mobile payments has enabled billions of people in Africa to move money efficiently through peer to peer payments. The next wave is not only financial inclusion where people can be brought into formal finance but also participation in the global digital commerce ecosystem. This can be achieved by bringing African businesses online and allowing them to accept payments safely and securely from anywhere in the world.

"We built Xente to bring African business into the new digital economy"

Our Vision

To become Africa's largest digital finance and digital commerce company by delivering relevant products and services to consumers and businesses

Our Mission

To deliver happiness to our customers, both consumers and businesses by enabling them to transact reliably and safely on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.