No hustle online subscription payments.

Xente is the safe and easy way to make business payments to online vendors like Uber, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom and many others.

Create unique virtual Visa cards

Xente creates new card details for every subscription payment, so you can track, pause, or cancel them easily. You can also adjust spending limits.

One place to manage online subscriptions

Every purchase made on a Xente Visa virtual card is visible in real time. See amounts committed and spot duplicates to avoid over charges and fraud.

Prevent fraud & over charges

Your bank issued debit or credit card shouldn't be used on hundreds of websites. Create unique virtual card numbers for every subscription and stay safe from card fraud.

Exclusive offers when you sign up

Uber for business

UGX 50,000 off your first Uber for business bill

Facebook Ads

$15 when you create a virtual Visa card for Facebook Ads

Google workspace

15$ when you create a virtual Visa card to pay Google.


$50 off your first Amazon Web Services bill.

1. What is subscription management ?

Subscription management refers to managing payments to online service providers - this includes one-off payments as recurring monthly or yearly payments.

2. Why is subscription management important ?

Today, many companies pay for online services using card networks like Visa. Many businesses use personal cards or shared business cards. The result is overcharges, fraud payments, failed accountability, disconnections - you name it.

3. How can my business use Xente for subscription management ?

Businesses can use Xente to issue a virtual card for each subscription, setting limits on how much can be charged and when the subscription should end. That means vendors can never overcharge you or renew your subscription unless you allow it.

4. What online subscriptions can I pay for ?

Every online vendor that accepts Visa as a payment method.

Popular ones include Uber for business, Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, Google, Quickbooks, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and many many others.

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