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How it works

Issue Visa cards

Issue any number of Visa cards to your team

Control spend

Set policy to control spend. Limit by merchant, amount and even time.

Fund your account

Fund your Visa cards from your Xente business account

Spend and report

Spend everywhere with Visa, and enjoy real-time overview of all your spending

Visa everywhere

Empower your team to spend everywhere with Visa

Your team can spend at any shop, fuel station, restaurant, hotel, - you name it that accepts Visa card payments

Spend management

Control over your company money

Set policy and control individual spending. You can limit the amount spent, the merchant category that can spent at and even the time of spending

Realtime reports

Realtime spending reports

Access real-time reports of all card balances and transactions.

How you can use the cards

Fuel cards

Control your fuel expenses. Limit the cards to only be used at any or particular fuel stations.

Employee expenses

Stop giving your team members cash. Empower them to spend everywhere with Visa and control and account for this spend in real-time

Petty Cash

Eliminate cash from your petty cash process. Use a Visa card instead and account for every penny in real-time.

Frequently asked questions

Xente Visa cards allow your business teams to pay or access cash wherever Visa is accepted. However, unlike bank-issued Visa cards, you have control. You can block ATM usage, limit to specific merchants, and even to specific times. You also get real-time spend reports

You can use Xente Physical Visa cards as fuel cards that work at any station, employee expense cards, petty cash cards, travel cards - to mention a few.

Open a Xente business account - it only takes 15 minutes. You can then place an order for any number of cards directly from your Xente account and will ship them to your business location in no more than three(3) weeks.

Xente Visa cards are issued by us (Xente) in partnership with Ecobank and Visa.

Visit our help center at You can also drop us a line at

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