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Save money and time with a multi currency account that comes with corporate Visa cards, mobile money, domestic and international bank transfers, bill payments, approval workflows, real-time reports, account sync, and more - all in one

Multi currency account

Hold and exchange multiple currencies to ease local and global payments. Set up as many sub-accounts in each currency as you need to run your business

Company Visa cards with built-in rules

Issue virtual and physical Visa cards and empower your teams to pay online and at points of sale globally in an easy, transparent, and secure manner

Faster, safer mobile money payments

Pay last mile teams, suppliers, and other beneficiaries using mobile money

Domestic and international bank transfers

Seamless, super-fast bank payments to domestic and international bank accounts

Easiest way to collect & track payments

A Xente account comes with all the tools you’ll need to collect online and POS payments seamlessly.

Payment approvals and controls

Stay in control with easy payment approvals, limits, and real-time notifications. Configure payment approval rules to meet the needs of your business

Supercharge your business growth

Supercharge your growth with flexible, low-cost working capital from our trusted partners, available to you in minutes.

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"Managing spend and payments to our remote teams is key to powering our growth. We cannot afford inefficiency. "

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"With teams across the country, managing spend and payments to them is impossible without Xente. "

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The Innovation Village
The Innovation Village


"Supporting finance and accounts teams to manage payments and spend is a BIG idea, it has transformed the way we work. "

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