A hassle-free business account

Get paid, make payments, and track all your transactions in one easy place. Spend less time managing finances and more on growing your income

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Collect card, mobile money and bank payments

Collect payments everywhere

Use one platform to collect payments from local and global clients through payment links, website checkout, API and POS for cards, mobile money, and bank transactions

Payout to mobile money and bank accounts

Effortless payouts

Xente simplifies transactions, allowing easy payouts to any mobile money or local bank account. It's secure, user-friendly, and ideal for all your business payment needs

Simple finance operations

Finance operations

View your account statement in real-time from one dashboard. Add supporting documents, match receipts, sync information to your accounting platform, and export data to Excel or PDF

Working capital

Working capital

Need working capital? Get good loan terms from our partners.

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Xente account ?

Xente is a digital account designed to streamline business payments and financial management. It replaces traditional methods such as cash and cheques with digital options, including Visa cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. Additionally, Xente facilitates collections through cards and mobile money.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, it provides complete visibility and control over finances, saving both time and money.

3. How do I get started ?

To get started, there are two simple steps to follow.

First, open a Xente business account. This process is easy and takes only 5 minutes. Click on 'Open an Account' and follow the steps to obtain a trial account, which will limit your transaction amount.

Second, to access the full features of Xente, verify your account by submitting your business details and documentation.

3. What are your charges ?

Please check out our pricing page https://www.xente.co/pricing

2. Can I accept payments with Xente?

Yes, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, and Mobile Money payments. Payments can be accepted either online or in-person.

4. Do I get Visa cards with Xente

Yes. When you open a Xente account, you receive a Visa card that can be used for online and POS payments for your business. Specifically designed for businesses, the Xente Visa card not only facilitates easy payments but also helps you keep track of all your business transactions.

5. Can I make payments with Xente

Yes, you can. You can make payments to all mobile money accounts, including MTN and Airtel, as well as to bank accounts. Additionally, you can pay business bills, buy airtime, data, and much more.

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