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Xente is an all-in-one payments and finance operations platform. Free yourself from busy work and paperwork to focus on what really matters

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Empower your finance teams

Empower your finance teams

Empower your finance team to make payments to all mobile money, banks, airtime, and data using a single platform. Track, approve, and get real-time, accurate payment reports effortlessly

Enhance company productivity

Enhance company productivity

Boost your company's productivity by automating payments and finances. This enables your team to focus on more impactful work, rather than spending time on manual cash payments and extensive paperwork

Manage spend across your organization

Manage spend across your organization

Manage spend across multiple teams, businesses, branches, countries/currencies in a single easy-to-use platform.

Simple finance operations

Finance operations

View your account statement in real-time from one dashboard. Add supporting documents, match receipts, sync information to your accounting platform, and export data to Excel or PDF

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Xente account ?

Xente is a digital account designed to streamline business payments and financial management. It replaces traditional methods such as cash and cheques with digital options, including Visa cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. Additionally, Xente facilitates collections through cards and mobile money.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, it provides complete visibility and control over finances, saving both time and money.

2. Why should I use Xente ?

Use Xente if you want to get control of your company money.

If your finance and admin teams are relying on manual processes that are prone to human error, have lots of paperwork to keep track of what is happening, struggling to manage finance and payments to/from remote teams and clients and getting accountability and audit headaches, then Xente is the right tool for you.

3. Is this secure ?

Yes, security is our top priority. We have implemented multi-factor authentication for approving each transaction, ensuring protection against errors or fraud. Our data is encrypted, and we maintain world-class security controls. Additionally, Xente is licensed by the Bank of Uganda (BOU), further affirming our commitment to secure operations.

4. What finance operations features do you offer?

Xente is designed with finance teams in mind. We integrate modern payment methods like Visa, bank transfers, and mobile money into a single platform and offer powerful finance features. These include approval workflows, receipt and document attachments, powerful and real-time reporting, and integration with accounting platforms, making your finance administration work easy and stress-free.

5. In which countries does Xente operate?

We currently have operations in Uganda.

6. Have another question ?

Visit our help center at http://helpcenter.xente.co/en/. You can also drop us a line at business.ug@xente.co or call using phone number +256 770 833993

Have more questions? Visit our help center