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Who should apply to become a Xente Sales Agent

Who should apply

If you love B2B sales and/or marketing are looking for an opportunity to earn extra revenue, Xente offers an exciting, fast-growing, and cutting-edge product that you can refer to grow your income.

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. Why should I apply to become a Xente sales agent

If you're an individual or a firm engaged in marketing and sales, looking for an exciting opportunity to earn commission revenue, Xente is a perfect fit for you. With our modern payment and finance automation software, loved by over 500 clients, you can refer clients to us and earn a good income for every referred business that closes.

2. How exactly does this work ?

As an affiliate, your role is to find and refer Xente's ideal customer profile customers to us. These are typically businesses looking for modern payment and finance solutions using cashless methods like Visa cards, mobile money, and bank transfers—usually to collect or send money. Xente also excels in back-office processes. Once your referral becomes a closed deal, you earn a commission

3. Is this a full time job ?

No, it is not. This opportunity is for ambitious individuals or even firms to earn a commission by referring businesses to Xente. With some effort, this is a great opportunity to not only earn income but also grow in the most exciting sector (software and finance) of our time.

4. What type of customers would I be referring ?

Xente's ideal customer profile consists of businesses that make or collect payments and need to streamline these processes using modern tools like mobile money, bank transfers, Visa cards, and bill payments, both domestically and internationally. These are typically SMEs, enterprise companies, NGOs, travel companies, transport and logistics firms, technology companies and startups, finance companies, traders—just to mention a few.

5. How much I could I earn ?

That depends on you. Xente's product is loved by businesses big and small, who pay a software subscription and/or transaction fees. With a generous compensation plan, how much you make will depend on the size and number of businesses you refer that close.

6. How do I get started ?

You can sign up using this link. If we approve your application, we'll guide you through an Affiliate Partner Success Program. This program helps you understand our company, our clients, and our product, and prepares you to succeed. After that, you can start referring businesses to us. We'll keep in touch with you regularly.

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