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End-to-end management of payments, data, and finances, all in one solution. Discover our financial technology platform that quickly helps you achieve your technology goals.

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Collect card, mobile money and bank payments

Collect payments everywhere

Use one platform to collect payments from local and global clients through payment links, website checkout, API and POS for cards, mobile money, and bank transactions

Make payments anywhere

Make payments anywhere

Make payments to Visa cards, mobile money, banks, and various e-value stores from one unified platform. Utilize our robust API for seamless automation.

Simple Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface

Use our well documented and powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with your own platforms for 100% automation and insights. Provide your clients with a world class user experience

Best in class technology solution

Best in class technology solution

Xente is built with technology solutions to empower you in managing authentication and authorization, workflows, document management, and more. We offer flexible deployment models to meet your IT standards

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Xente account ?

Xente is a digital account designed to streamline business payments and financial management. It replaces traditional methods such as cash and cheques with digital options, including Visa cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. Additionally, Xente facilitates collections through cards and mobile money.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, it provides complete visibility and control over finances, saving both time and money.

2. Why should I use Xente ?

If you're struggling with payments and finance for your company, Xente is the right solution. Make international payments using Visa and bank transfers, and local payments through banks and mobile money. Accept both international and local payments on a single platform. With tools to track and account for every payment, Xente saves you stress, time, and money

3. What are your charges ?

Please check out our pricing page

4. Do you have an API

Yes, we have a well-documented and stable API. You can view the documentation here:

5. In which countries does Xente operate?

We currently have operations in Uganda.

6. How do I open a Xente account

It's very easy. Click 'Open an account,' and you will have a trial account in 5 minutes. To transact with higher values, you will need to verify your account

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