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Turn payment and finance automation into advisory and training services with Xente

Modern payment and finance for your clients

Digital transformation

Transform your clients' businesses: shift from cash to cashless methods like mobile money, bank transfers, and cards. Streamline back-office processes from manual to automated with Xente's software - a digital account, payments, and finance automation.

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. Who are Xente acountant partners ?

Xente's accountant partners are accounting firms that officially work with Xente to modernize our mutual clients' payment and finance operations. The collaboration typically involves advising and training clients to get the most out of Xente's payment and finance operations solution.

2. How does the partnership work ?

We sign an MOU and collaborate with accountant partners, referring our clients who need advisory or training to modernize their processes from old cash and paper processes to modern cashless and paperless processes. You can charge customers for this service.

3. How do you support accountant partners

We take our accountant partners through a Accounting firm - Partner Success Program, equipping them with tools and materials to understand how to make our software (and collaborating software, e.g., accounting packages) work together. This ensures they have a good understanding. We also provide our dedicated support team to their clients.

4. Why should I partner with Xente as an accountant ?

We now live in a modern, digital, data-driven, software-integrated global economy. Businesses that will thrive will take advantage of the opportunities in this era. Finance and accounting teams are the core of any business. As an accounting and audit firm, you can grow your practice by leveraging Xente's modern payment and software tech to transform your clients and help them grow and scale.

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