Simple team payments

Xente is the simple, safe way to pay your people - no bank runs, no cash, no hustle.

Free trial available


Pay people with ease

Pay your teams without using cash - pay through Visa cards, bank accounts, or mobile money. Funds are received instantly.


No unnecessary busywork and paperwork

Your team need not leave their productive tasks to travel, file, and process piles of paperwork. Finance operations are automated, allowing them to focus on what's important


See and report all people payments in real-time

View payment delivery status in real time. Instantly and transparently handle any payment queries.

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Xente account ?

Xente is a digital account designed to streamline business payments and financial management. It replaces traditional methods such as cash and cheques with digital options, including Visa cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. Additionally, Xente facilitates collections through cards and mobile money.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, it provides complete visibility and control over finances, saving both time and money.

2. Why should I use Xente ?

Use Xente if you want to get control of your company money.

If your finance and admin teams are relying on manual processes that are prone to human error, have lots of paperwork to keep track of what is happening, struggling to manage finance and payments to/from remote teams and clients and getting accountability and audit headaches, then Xente is the right tool for you.

3. What are your charges ?

Please check out our pricing page

4. How do I get started ?

Please schedule a demo using this link

5. In which countries does Xente operate?

We currently have operations in Uganda.

6. Have another question ?

Visit our help center at You can also drop us a line at or call using phone number +256 770 833993

Have more questions? Visit our help center