Send all mobile money from one platform

MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money payments in a single easy to use platform.

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Pay anywhere with mobile money

Pay anywhere with mobile money

Pay verified beneficiaries even in the remotest places to their mobile money accounts

Powerful business features

Powerful business features

Make bulk and batch payments, implement complex approval workflows, verify beneficiaries, attach documents such as invoices, and even sync with your accounting ERP. Xente is the best platform for mobile money business payments.

Simple finance operations

Finance operations

View your account statement in real-time from one dashboard. Add supporting documents, match receipts, sync information to your accounting platform, and export data to Excel or PDF

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. Which mobile money networks can I send money to?

MTN Mobile money and Airtel Money

2. What are the rates for sending mobile money

UGX 1400 per transaction

3. Is this secure ?

Yes, security is our top priority. We have implemented multi-factor authentication for approving each transaction, ensuring protection against errors or fraud. Our data is encrypted, and we maintain world-class security controls. Additionally, Xente is licensed by the Bank of Uganda (BOU), further affirming our commitment to secure operations.

4. Can I send bulk payments

Yes. Upload any number of payments using excel and send money in seconds

5. In which countries does Xente operate?

We currently have operations in Uganda.

6. How about cash withdraw fees ?

If your beneficiaries withdraw funds, they will incur fees as per mobile money rates.

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