Become a Xente Solutions Partner

Do you offer software solutions for accounting, POS, HR, e-commerce, lending, logistics, ticketing, or other apps? Partner with us to integrate powerful payment and finance automation into your solution. Co-sell with us to drive revenue growth

Why become a Xente solutions partner ?

Why become a Xente solutions partner?

You offer B2B solutions like accounting, HR, marketing, e-commerce, transport, or logistics. You can enhance their power with seamless payments and finance integration. You then Co-sell your solution to our 500+ growing clients, driving revenue for you.

Questions & Answers

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1. Who is a Xente integration partner

A Xente solutions partner is a software firm that collaborates with Xente in two ways: 1) integrating Xente's payment and finance solution into their solution, and 2) co-selling their solution to Xente's 500+ clients

2. What types of solutions work best?

B2B solutions—such as accounting, POS, HR, e-commerce, transport and logistics, lending—fit well. If your solution processes payments and can be sold to businesses through monthly or annual subscriptions, you're a good fit.

3. What functionality can I add to my solution ?

The payment and finance automation functionality allows you to issue virtual and physical cards, send and receive mobile money, send and receive bank transfers, and make bill payments. More importantly, it streamlines back-office operations for both our clients

4. How do I make money

We encourage you to charge a subscription fee. We have over 500 clients to whom we can sell and bill your solution. You can also earn money from transaction fees and/or revenue sharing with us. Please talk to us, and we will provide advice.

5. How do I get started ?

It is easy. Register using this link , and we will be in touch to understand if your SaaS solution is a fit for us.

6. Do you have an API

Yes, we do. We have an easy-to-use and understand, yet powerful API with functionality to issue virtual and physical cards, send and receive mobile money, send and receive bank transfers, make bill payments, and much more. Check it out here

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